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Fast Approval

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$1 Buyout*

What others have said

“we could not have bought it without your help”

Just a quick thank you for providing us pensioners with a 42″ Hisense lcd tv, we could not have bought it without your help, credit is not generally available to pensioners, as we have found, you have been helpful & courteous with your dealings with us, thank you again, Kind regards,

Adrian & Editha F
Dandenong, Victoria

“saying thank you doesn’t seem enough”

I would never hesitate to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals to anyone, which I have already done so. The service I received was very pleasing and I will certainly be using Direct Appliance Rentals again in the future.

You have made me a very happy person and saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for what you have done for me.

Joanne O Corio, Victoria

“treated me personally not just as another client”

I have already recommended you to several of my friends as I found dealing with you absolutely fantastic. I am so in love with my new fridge. You treated me personally not just as another client which I found fantastic.

Even after 50 million phone calls from me you still didn’t get short or sharp or rude with me which I have found other companies do. I will definitely be using your service again.

Faith J Torquay, Victoria

“extremely helpful, friendly, supportive and trustworthy”

... From the first contact to last, I found Karina to be extremely helpful, friendly, supportive and trustworthy.

I received my goods in a timely manner and I am extremely happy with the service and product. I would not hesitate in using Direct Appliance Rentals again or in recommending them to others. I can not fault Direct Appliance Rentals in any way.

David N Berwick, Vic

Need to update your furniture?

Whether you’re setting up a new home, wanting to refresh your current furniture look, or need some home office rentals, our furniture range will suit your budget and lifestyle. Check out our awesome range of furniture rentals – everything from kids packages to stylish entertaining.

Want something else? Send us a quote from your favourite store and we’ll do the rest!

A Better perspective on Furniture Rental stores

Finding the best furniture rental stores in Australia can be difficult. Luckily, with Direct Appliance Rentals, you won’t ever have to search for another one. Direct Appliance Rentals is a solution to costly appliances for the home. We are offering you the opportunity to rent an appliance for 12 or 24 months.

There are so many reasons that Direct Appliance Rentals will change the way that you provide for your family! Find your favourite today.

Call us today or log onto the Direct Appliance Rentals website to submit your rental application.

Are you still purchasing your household furniture and appliances? How old school. Direct Appliance Rentals brings you a better alternative to purchasing expensive furniture and household appliances. Instead, rent a furniture piece or other household item to save money and live better. When you rent whatever you need for your home, rather than purchase it, you save money while being a part of a flexible rental agreement that works with, not against you. Here’s how it works:

Submit your rental application

Fill out a rental application with information on the make and model that you wish to rent, a photo ID and certain financial information. Once you get that application submitted, you will get your rental application approved that same day. Usually within just four working hours!

Set your rental contract

Once you are approved for your rental application, you can negotiate the terms of your contract. Answer questions like: “How long do you want to rent your appliance or furniture?” Choose from 12 or 24 months for your appliance or furniture rental“What do you need out of the item you are renting?” “How much can you afford to spend each month to go toward your rental payment?” With these long-term rental agreements, you can be sure there are low fixed payments. So that anyone can afford to rent from Direct Appliance Rentals.

Enjoy your appliance!

Next, your appliance or furniture item will be delivered to you FOR FREE, and you will start seeing the difference right away. Whether you need an updated appliance or updated furniture, Direct Appliance Rental will deliver. If you want to leave your rental agreement, you have that option. Inquire with us about the reasonable cost of leaving your rental agreement. If you want to end your rental term early, you also have that option with the same opportunity for a buyout.

After your rental period

Once your rental period of a year to two years is complete, you have a few options.

  1. You can continue renting on a monthly basis the same way you have been.
  2. You can return the goods you are renting and leave the rental agreement.
  3. You can negotiate a low buyout sale price. You can propose to buy the exact item you have been renting for as little as one dollar.

With these options, you have nothing to lose when renting instead of purchasing your household products.

If you are looking for great furniture rental places, you may want to consider first looking at what other customers thought of the prospective company. Direct Appliance Rentals, for example, has great reviews. Just take a look at some of our onsite testimonials:

“Direct Appliance Rentals seemed committed to getting me the right washing machine at the right price. There was no fussing about; the only lag in the process was actually me forgetting to check my email to confirm which washing machine I wanted. A day later, I was taking delivery of a beautiful new front loader washing machine. The process could not have been easier! I believe Direct Appliance Rentals are one of a kind, and the plans and pricing are much more reasonable than other rental companies. I pride myself in doing extensive research before committing to a rent-to-buy agreement, and these guys were definitely the best for me. I have already recommended them to some other friends of mine.”


“I would like to thank you for the very prompt and professional service that I received from you and direct appliance rentals. I am very satisfied with the service and how quick and simple everything went through. You were very helpful, and the support from you was very good. I would like to add that I will be using the company in the near future, as I will be looking into a new TV of some description, as mine is on the way out. I would and will recommend this service to my friends. Once again, thank you very much.”

Scoresby, Vic

“I have found Direct Appliance Rentals to be very helpful and easy to deal with. I would easily recommend Direct Appliance to friends and family, and I would have no problem with using Direct Appliance again.”

St Albans, Vic

“I would never hesitate to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals to anyone, which I have already done so. The service I received was very pleasing, and I will certainly be using Direct Appliance Rentals again in the future. You have made me a very happy person, and saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for what you have done for me.”

Corio, Vic


And to think, these are just four of hundreds of great reviews on Direct Appliance Rentals’ dryer rentals, kitchen appliance rentals and furniture rentals!

With home rental furniture that is just as good as buying, at a fraction of the cost and with flexible options for the future, you will wonder why you have been buying your household’s furniture and appliances up until this point! Making homes all across Australia comfortable and fully stocked without breaking the bank is what we do best. We can’t wait to review and approve your application to rent from the best furniture rental stores in Australia. Call or go online to get started on your rental application today!

Where we can deliver rental furniture

If you are looking for a furniture rental and want it delivered to your door, you are in luck with us! We deliver all rappliance rentals to almost all locations throughout Australia. And there is no extra delivery fee either!

Name your city and we will come with your brand new item straight to your door. Maybe you want a furniture rental Sydney, a furniture rental Melbourne, or are you living in a remote country area? No problem!

Let our helpful customer service team know where you are currently living. More then likely they will help ensure your new rent to buy beds or rent to own furniture packages make it right to your very own doorstep.

All you have to do is apply, sit back and relax, while we do the rest. What could be better than that!

Benefits of renting furniture

Are you looking to rent furniture for apartment, for your new house or to update your current home décor? Renting furniture through Direct Appliance Rentals is a fantastic option. You can choose from a fantastic range of rental furniture items, giving you the option to rent try buy.

Renting items gives you flexibility and the option to try from a range of items – you can rent a dining tablerent outdoor furniture or choose from a range of lounge rentals before you commit to buy.

Giving you the option to try out the items to see if they suit your lifestyle. If you want to keep the furniture rental after the rental term has finished you can buy the item from Direct Appliance Rentals, often for as little as $1!

Another benefit is that all the furniture you rent is brand sparkling new and high quality. So even if you have no savings you can treat yourself right away to the best.

And what’s more – with Direct Appliance Rentals you can rent items that you want even if not on our website! That’s right – you can rent any new product of your choice. Just let us know what it is you’re after and we’ll source a rental for you. Learn more about how to rent any furniture with us.

Oftentimes people will buy second hand furniture while they save to buy the goods they want. When you rent to buy furniture you skip this step, saving time and money. Check out the rental goods that are on offer on our website and then apply. It’s so quick and easy.

How much does it cost to rent furniture?

You might wonder how much it will cost you to rent furniture and will be surprised to learn that it is not too expensive.

We always advice our customers that it is cheaper to buy outright if you can afford it. But that’s just not the case for everyone. So what then? Rent to buy is an easy way to get new furniture quicker.

You don’t have to spend time saving a huge lump sum of cash. You don’t have to put up with that worn out couch or uncomfortable bed any longer and can update your home – well now!

If you are looking for home furniture rental bargains, there are great savings to take advantage of if you want to bundle up. Check out our rental furniture packages! There are some fabulous furniture bundles to update your home in style for fantastic prices. There is a range of different options to choose from and all are available to rent for keeps.

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