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Happy Direct Appliance Rentals Customers

“we could not have bought it without your help”

Just a quick thank you for providing us pensioners with a 42″ Hisense lcd tv, we could not have bought it without your help, credit is not generally available to pensioners, as we have found, you have been helpful & courteous with your dealings with us, thank you again, Kind regards,

Adrian & Editha F
Dandenong, Victoria

“saying thank you doesn’t seem enough”

I would never hesitate to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals to anyone, which I have already done so. The service I received was very pleasing and I will certainly be using Direct Appliance Rentals again in the future.

You have made me a very happy person and saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for what you have done for me.

Joanne O Corio, Victoria

“treated me personally not just as another client”

I have already recommended you to several of my friends as I found dealing with you absolutely fantastic. I am so in love with my new fridge. You treated me personally not just as another client which I found fantastic.

Even after 50 million phone calls from me you still didn’t get short or sharp or rude with me which I have found other companies do. I will definitely be using your service again.

Faith J Torquay, Victoria

“extremely helpful, friendly, supportive and trustworthy”

... From the first contact to last, I found Karina to be extremely helpful, friendly, supportive and trustworthy.

I received my goods in a timely manner and I am extremely happy with the service and product. I would not hesitate in using Direct Appliance Rentals again or in recommending them to others. I can not fault Direct Appliance Rentals in any way.

David N Berwick, Vic

Choose from our range of laptops if you’re sick of being stuck at your desk.

Laptops are super convenient when you’re on the go – you can take them absolutely everywhere!

Whatever your budget, whether you’re after an entry level notebook or a high-end performance laptop, we know you’ll find something you’ll love with Direct Appliance Rentals!

4 Reasons to rent a Laptop

“Thank you for everything. You have been great. I love the new laptop it’s fantastic I will certainly be letting everyone know how supportive Direct Appliance Rentals have been.”

Sharon W
Seymour, Vic

While everyone wants to be able to use a laptop, the reality is that laptop computers are expensive and being able to afford that massive upfront cost is not realistic for everyone. Instead, Direct Appliance Rentals offers you the chance to rent a laptop, getting all of the benefits of owning one without the costly price tag!

Check out all of the laptops available for rent through Direct Appliance Rentals and enquire for your own laptop today!

Laptop computers have become a staple in homes around the world, growing in tandem as wireless Internet does. Laptops increase flexibility, allowing studies and work to get done virtually anywhere that has a strong Internet connection. The portable, streamlined versions of desktop computers are so efficient that they are often preferred to traditional, bulky computers.

Here are 4 reasons that renting a laptop is better than purchasing one upfront and why choosing Direct Appliance Rentals will keep you from a complicated “appliance rentals near me” online search.

It may sound like a no-brainer now that the option is presented but few people realise that the option to opt for a laptop for rent rather than purchase is available to them.

Have you dreamed of owning your own laptop but don’t have the money for it right now? Or maybe you have a laptop but costly repairs are keeping you from being able to utilise it’s full potential.

Maybe still one of your children requires a laptop for school but your family’s budget is too tight to give that to them. As a good parent, we understand that you want to provide every tool you can to ensure your child does well without sacrificing the entire family’s finances.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, then you’ve come to the right place. Direct Appliance Rentals offers you the chance to rent a laptop at a small fraction of the cost instead of purchasing it brand new. By entering into a rental contract of one to two years, you can provide your family with exactly what they need without the stress of disrupting your family’s budget.

One of the best arguments for renting a laptop instead of buying it is the variety of choice you are afforded when you rent from Direct Appliance Rentals. Choose from Lenovo, HP and Dell laptops with additional options available to satisfy the display, RAM and processing power you desire from your computer.

With Direct Appliance Rentals, there are laptops for every kind of project, lifestyle, budget and battery life.

Let’s take a look at a few options for laptops to rent:

The HP 2-in-1 Laptop is a versatile product, with an easy to convert, 360-degree convertible touch screen to easily switch between tablet and notebook capabilities. The touch screen makes it accessible while the 11.6” lightweight model provides the ideal balance of usability and portability. HD graphics and 128 GB of storage mean you can store memories with ease while 8 GB of RAM and a Windows 10 processing Home system mean it’s great for professional use as well.

The Lenovo Ideapad, in comparison, is a sleek yet powerful computer ideal for both work and entertainment on the go. The polished silver finish and the 15.6″ display add a sophisticated feel to the product while a 720P Webcam make Skype calls for work or play clear. An SD card reader, built in DVD player and Bluetooth capabilities are geared toward entertainment while the Windows 10 processing system is aimed at professional use, keeping email security tighter.

Whether you are choosing to rent phones, laptops or any other electronic device or appliance, the process to do so can seem confusing and costly. Thankfully, Direct Appliance Rentals offers a simple and quick option to rent laptop devices that takes away the stress and the financial burden.

Here’s how it works:

Simply fill out the following information – your full name, postcode, email address, phone number and the item you want to rent – and submit the form. And that’s it!

But it gets better. Once you submit that information, you are entered into a system that takes enquires very seriously. Your request to rent a laptop will be read and responded to in four hours or less. In under four hours, you can be well on your way to renting a laptop for one or even two years, at an affordable weekly fee.

Laptops are complicated devices and purchasing one often comes with several caveats; maybe your warranty expires at an inopportune time or the exact model you want won’t be available for weeks. Or maybe hidden fees associated with purchasing it come out of nowhere.

With Direct Appliance Rentals, you are guaranteed FREE delivery, NO deposit, NO penalties for paying off your rental term in one lump sum and more. There are no surprises, just great products delivered at an inexpensive price.

Once you have completed a 12 or 24 month rental period, Direct Appliance Rentals give you a couple of options for your next course of action.

You can either:
1) End your rental period at that time
2) Continue renting that appliance or product on a monthly basis OR
3) Choose to negotiate a buy out cost for the exact product you’ve been leasing for a low, one-time fee.

There are no fees for ending your rental period and the cost of continuing to rent your appliance does not increase if you choose that option. Direct Appliance Rentals prides themselves on being transparent and offering you the best course of action for you and your family.

All you get are affordable prices and great products!

Renting an appliance or electronic device can sound stressful and expensive. With Direct Appliance Rentals it is just the opposite; simple and affordable for any family.

We’ve all been there; maybe an unforeseen repair on your laptop is keeping you from using it. Or maybe you can’t afford your own laptop at this time because there are other necessities that need to come first in your household. Perhaps you need a laptop with greater processing capabilities but, as a student, you just don’t have the money to purchase a new one.

Renting a laptop for a year or two becomes a great alternative to stressing you or your family’s budget. Particularly if you are a student or using a laptop for a single work related project, renting can be a logical and affordable option to use at that time. Another reason is if you want to provide your child with the tools to excel in school but you don’t want to commit to the large cost or a device that your child may not need in a few years.

Direct Appliance Rentals is the easiest and more affordable appliance rental service to use, with tons of options and amazing customer service representatives ready to respond to your enquires and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Join the thousands who have discovered the low cost, no fuss alternative to purchasing a pricey appliance for their homes; rent a laptop with Direct Appliance Rentals and never look back.

Browse the Direct Appliance Rentals website for even more details and to put in your own enquiry today!

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