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Are you ready to take your TV experience to a whole new level of awesomeness?

Whether you want to enjoy the latest blockbuster on a big crystal clear screen or spend some time playing video games or surfing the web in between your favourite TV show, we have something for you!

TV Rental: Top Tips to help you choose

Purchasing a television is a huge investment; as with any major appliance in your home, deciding to buy a television is a big decision no matter what your budget looks like. Instead of breaking the bank and stressing about finances, choose Direct Appliance Rentals TV rental.

Direct Appliance Rentals professionals understand that you want to provide the best quality of life you can to everyone in your family but the reality is that sometimes other finances and needs get in the way. Direct Appliance Rentals allows you provide any appliance or product that helps make life more comfortable without spending a lot of money.

Browse all of the Direct Appliance Rentals televisions and other appliance rentals online now!

Once you decide you want to rent a television rather than buy it, you have a few decisions to make. We have laid out some of the top tips to help you choose the TV that is right for your home and your budget:

Direct Appliance Rentals eliminates the need for a broad “TV rentals near me” online search by assembling all of the best television brands at amazing prices into an easy to navigate interface. Browse several television options and see their specifications in brief, clearly laid out points as well as a detailed description of each product. There is no easier way to navigate and enquire about all of your options.

There are an overwhelming number of options available for television rentals; from the brand to the screen size to the Smart TV capabilities, the options are truly endless. Instead of blindly searching through the hundreds or thousands of options in a store or on another online platform, choose Direct Appliance Rentals and be presented with only the best options for televisions to rent in the clearest format.

Direct Appliance Rentals may not be the first company to offer television and appliance rental services but it is without a doubt the simplest. Direct Appliance Rentals makes choosing a TV to rent not only affordable but also a stress free process.

Simply give Direct Appliance Rentals your full name, phone number, email address, postcode and a brief description of the appliance or product you want to rent.

Then for the best part. Once you submit your enquiry, unlike other rental companies, Direct Appliance Rentals will respond to your request to rent in FOUR hour or less! No waiting around days or even weeks for a response; be approved the same day when you choose to rent with Direct Appliance Rentals. And even better, no need for a hefty deposit fee as nothing is paid upfront.

As with any electronics purchase or major household appliance, choosing a television is extremely dependant on your family’s lifestyle, budget and specific needs.

Direct Appliance Rentals offers tons of options for any home or apartment, ranging from 31.5” screens to over 60” screens. Choose from brands like Hisense, TCL, Hitachi and more.

If your family only watches television occasionally, a smaller screen like on the TCL 31.5” model might suit you just fine. Many customers also choose to put a rented television in a room of the home that is not the main entertainment room. Maybe you have a mother-in-law moving into your home for a year or more and you want to provide her with all the comforts of her own home without the burden of purchasing a brand new television for her room. Or maybe your son is moving back into your home and he doesn’t have the money to pay for his own television. But that doesn’t mean you have to either! Renting from Direct Appliance Rentals offsets these unexpected costs that routinely arise.

If your family loves to play video games, maybe consider a TV and Xbox bundle deal, saving you money and making your kids super happy.

Another scenario to consider is a family that is very entertainment-centred; each member’s favourite shows are always recorded and you love to plan movie nights almost any day of the week. If that sounds like your family than a TCL Smart TV might be best for your family’s needs. Watch Netflix, install web browsers and applications or even enjoy built-in wifi from a Smart TV device. With the ability to rewind, record or pause live TV, the opportunities for entertainment cannot be beaten. Smart TV options are great for big families or small, tech-savvy families that enjoy multiple streaming capabilities from their television.

Just as browsing tons of sites is exhausting (see Tip #1) so is actually going to a store to locate appliances for your household. While physically shopping for an appliance or product can be useful, the actual task can be exhausting and unnecessary. Direct Appliance Rentals takes the extra effort out of the process and creates a way to shop that is easier and more fun. By browsing and selecting television, tablet rental or other products online, you have access to similar, if not the same, available brands, models and colors that TV rental places offer without ever having to leave your home.

The best part? Direct Appliance Rentals will deliver your product at no cost to you.

With FREE delivery, Direct Appliance Rentals beats even most name brand TV rental storefronts that do not offer this service.

Before you shop, have a clear budget in mind that you are willing to spend on your television rental. This will help guide you through your shopping process as all of the Direct Appliance Rentals products are organized in order of rental cost (per week). Consider the reasons that you are deciding to rent rather than buy a TV.

Many customers choose to rent because their old unit is broken and repairs or a brand new unit are simply not in the budget at that moment. Others rent because they want to allocate their family’s budget to more necessary things like food and rent rather than a television, for example. Whatever your reason, consider this and exactly how much money you can afford per week and then begin shopping.

Determining your budget before you begin will allow you to target your search and select the best product available.

Making the decision to rent an appliance, be that a television, a tablet or any number of other household products, is the first step to having more financial freedom in your home.

The realisation that you need a new television or other appliance can be daunting, especially when you were not prepared for such a cost and have many other higher priority costs looming at the moment. You want to be able to pay your bills and put food on the table but you also want to keep your family happy and comfortable.

Direct Appliance Rentals offers a solution to that uncertainty, eliminating the burden of financial stress by allowing you to receive all of the benefits of owning a television, washing machine, refrigerator or any other household appliance without the high cost associated with owning it.

At the end of your rental period, you can leave your contract, continue to rent or even, in many cases, buy the product from Direct Appliance Rentals at an unprecedented low cost. There is no penalty for ending your rental term at that time and there are no gimmicks or surprises, just great products and even better customer service and prices.

Whatever reason you choose to rent with Direct Appliance Rentals, be that TV rental or otherwise, you know you will be in good hands.

Browse all of the Direct Appliance Rentals televisions and other appliances on their website today; get approved to rent in just hours.

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