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Customer Survey Results August 2021

“treats you as a person, not just a number”

I would like to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals without a moment’s hesitation. Karina is a lovely lady who treats you as a person, not just a number. I don’t have a great record on the finance side of things but that was never an issue with the funds going straight out of my pension.

I have recommended Direct Appliance Rentals to a lot of friends and I strongly recommend them to you. The whole process took a couple of days and the products are of supreme quality.

Craig, Victoria

“love the personal service that you don’t get from other companies”

I have used Direct Appliance Rentals a few times now and have found the service fantastic. Karina has been fast in responding to any questions or support I have needed.

I love the personal service that you don’t get from other companies and I would recommend them to all my family and friends. I will definitely be using Direct Appliance Rentals again.

Alison, Victoria

“the plans and pricing are much more reasonable”

Direct Appliance Rentals seemed committed to getting me the right washing machine at the right price. There was no fussing about, and a day later I was taking delivery of a beautiful new front loader washing machine, the process could not have been easier!

I believe Direct Appliance Rentals are one of a kind, the plans and pricing are much more reasonable than other rental companies, I pride myself in doing extensive research before committing to a rent-to-buy agreement, and these guys were definitely the best for me. I have already recommended them to some other friends of mine.

Michael S, Victoria

“affordable and easy payments”

I don’t think there would be anything that I would change in dealing with Direct Appliance Rentals. Of course, l have already told all my friends about the great television we got and how affordable and easy the payments are. And we would most definitely use your services again.

Dennis & Leeanne, Victoria

Do you need a new dryer?

Forget about worrying about if it’s going to rain or not – a dryer ensures your clothes are going to be toasty warm and dry whenever you need them. No more trips to the laundromat, just dry school uniforms, happy kids and peace of mind.

Rent a Dryer the Easy Way With Direct Appliance Rentals

Realising you need a new household appliance can oftentimes be a stressful thing for families. Particularly in Australia, household appliances are expensive, and choosing the exact right one can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead of stressing the next time you need a new laundry or kitchen item, rent a dryer or other appliance from Direct Appliance Rentals the easy way!

Contact us directly or submit an easy-to-complete application on your own; approval in just 4 hours!

Dryer rental and other laundry room items are some of the most in-demand appliances for rent. Washers and dryers are items used often in the household, and therefore are susceptible to getting worn out. They are also some of the most expensive appliances on the market. Because of this, families that need new appliances tend to rent the items for a much more affordable price tag than purchasing upfront.

The modern family in Australia has many expenses; why should purchasing a brand new washer or dryer be one of them?

As technology and household appliances evolve, so does the way that we choose to provide access to these appliances. The modern way to provide basic household appliances to make your family comfortable is by entering into a long-term rental agreement from one of a few furniture rental stores in Australia. Choose to rent for one or two years, with prices adjustable for each term and a flexible buyout on your agreement.

This is essentially as if you were owning the appliance yourself, but with some distinct positive differences.

The differences between washer and dryer rental versus purchasing that item are few but significant, in favour of renting. Let’s take a look at those differences.

Free Delivery

Every Direct Appliance Rentals delivery is free. No matter how large the appliance, we will deliver it to your property, free of charge. Installation for said appliance is on minimum terms.

Low Fixed Payments

Low fixed payments mean that you can negotiate a fixed payment schedule and cost that is affordable for you. Although you can choose to buyout of your rental agreement (at no cost!), this fixed payment will not increase over your rental period.

This is a vastly more affordable option for families, especially those living on a paycheck-to-paycheck financial income; rather than pay one large sum upfront, you can pay a small portion of that large sum and afford to rent the item as if you purchased it.

No Deposits

Having no deposits for your washer and/or dryer (or any other appliance) item means even more affordable rental periods and less to worry about when you’re period is up.

Range of Products and Brands

There are a broad range of products and brands available for you.

Products include a variety of household items such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Dryer/Washer
  • Phones/Tablets/Computers
  • Furniture
  • Heating and Cooling Appliances
  • Outdoor Entertaining Kitchen Appliances
  • Fitness Equipment and Many More

Brands include:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • NEC
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Simpson
  • Mitsubishi and Westinghouse
  • Kelvinator
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Whirlpool
  • Technika and Haier
  • Toshiba

All of our products are new models in great condition.

Low Buyout

Finally, the last reason to rent instead of buy your household appliance is for the opportunity to buy the item at the end of your rental agreement for an impossibly low cost.

Once your rental period is over, you have the opportunity to buy that same item you have been renting for as little as one dollar. As long as your rental agreement is complete and there are no problems with the appliance, we reserve the right to offer you the item to own.

This process itself is even far more inexpensive than purchasing the item on its own.

The washer dryer rental process is simple. Fill out an application to rent the appliance you have chosen with the make and model of the piece you want to rent and the period you want to rent it for.

Submit photo identification, income information and your address, along with any other basic information we deem relevant to us as renters. Once these documents are submitted, you will have your request answered in 4 hours or less!

It’s that simple to have the appliance you need and want delivered to you FOR FREE.

Direct Appliance Rentals is the modern way to get your household needs met, be that from rent washer dryer appliances, rent dishwashers or any other household appliance.

In an age of inconsistent incomes and unpredictable recession periods, you never know when you will be needing to crack down on your home’s budget and start saving in a big way.

Choosing to rent an appliance rather than buy it is one of the most foolproof ways to save that money. With plenty of brands and any of the products you could possibly need in your home, along with options for every budget, you know you will be getting the best deal for you and your family.

How do we know you’ll love Direct Appliance Rentals? Check out some of our rave customer testimonials:

“Thanks for all your help. The one on one that you have given me right from the moment I applied to the moment my laptop arrived is outstanding. You really are a credit to Direct Appliance Rentals and would not hesitate for a second to pass your details on with high recommendations. I have previously dealt with other rental agencies and have never received the high level of customer service you have provided.”


“Excellent & prompt service from you & your team, we didn’t expect to receive them so quickly. You will be highly recommended by us to many of our friends & families. Thank you as well for your kindness & caring about our household needs, regardless of our situation.”


“I am so happy with my computer. I can’t believe how easy the process was and how quickly the computer was delivered. You were so helpful with all my questions. The fact that you help people in my situation is astounding. And I have already passed on your info on to about 5 friends and will continue to do so. I don’t know how I managed with my old computer as this one is so much better – been showing it off to everyone. I will definitely be keeping you in mind for future purchases as well.”


These are just some of the examples of happy Direct Appliance Rentals customers. Are you ready to rent a dryer and become one of them today?

Contact us for the best deals or submit an application online and hear back in 4 hours!

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