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Washing Machine Rentals

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Sick of trekking to the laundromat?

We understand washing your clothes is something everyone just has to do so if you’re in dire need of some stain-free shirts or clean pants, then our range of washing machine rentals will definitely make your life easier!

We have everything including front load washers, top load washers, washer & dryer combos ranging from 5kg right up to 12kg.

The easiest, quickest way to rent a washing machine

“I would like to take the time to thank Karina for making my application for a washing machine very easy. I had my washing machine within two days delivered and installed and this was over a public holiday weekend. I fully recommend this company and would use them again if needed, Payments were made to suit my budget and the support from Karina was terrific. Satisfied Customer..”

Robyn E
Altona Meadows, Victoria


There are so many reasons to rent a household appliance for your home.

Whatever your reason, Direct Appliance Rental is the quickest, affordable and stress-free way to rent a washing machine or a variety of other appliances to make your life easier. With Direct Appliance Rentals, you can look forward to great service, great selection and a great experience that will keep you coming back.

Browse the entire Direct Appliance Rentals website to see the variety of appliances you can rent and inquire today for a fast approval (only four hours!).

Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re sick of making the trip to a laundromat each week but can’t afford the huge upfront cost of owning your own washing machine, the option to rent washing machine appliances is the solution for you!

At Direct Appliance Rentals, there are many washing machines to choose from. Choose from several options of:

– Front load washers for rent
– Top load washing machines for rent
– Washer and dryer combos for rent

The best solution for you depends on your budget and your family’s lifestyle. Direct Appliance Rentals has flexible payment options to suit you.  Browse our washing machine rentals today  and enjoy Free Delivery and Fast Approval.

Direct Appliance Rentals offers a simple solution, washing machine rental, to the costly alternative of outright purchasing a washing machine unit. Our flexible payment options will suit any budget.  Enjoy friendly service and hassle free credit checks when renting with us.

So, how exactly does it work and how can you get started?

Direct Appliance Rentals offers a 12, 24 or 36 month term rental program to rent a fridge or other household appliance at a low  weekly cost. Costs vary depending on the brand of appliance you want to rent, the type of appliance you need and the length of the rental term you want to enter into.

Applying for an appliance rental could not be any easier! Once you determine exactly what you will need from your appliance (and for how long you want to rent it) place an enquiry online by filling out the most basic information about yourself. Fill in your name, email address, phone numbers and postcode along with a brief description of which items you are interested in renting. Submit the information with the click of a button. Once that is sent in, you will be contacted very soon; Direct Appliance Rentals prides itself on delivering a 4-hour approval to potential customers!

Once your rental period is up, Direct Appliance Rentals reserves “the right to offer you the very goods you have been taking care of for the small sum of just one dollar”*. Within 90 days of the end of your contract, you will be sent a statement in which you can negotiate the next step in your appliance rental. You have the option to
1) Continue renting on a monthly basis
2) Return the appliance or
3) Accept an offer to purchase the product from as low as just $1*. No surprise costs and no fee for closing your rental period with Direct Appliance Rentals.

You can also pay off your rented goods early in one lump sum with zero penalties!

With Direct Appliance Rentals you are guaranteed: no deposit, free delivery and quality, brand new products every time. Save on upfront costs by filling in our easy online application today.

There are several washing machine for rent options for you and your family. The brand, size and style are largely dependent on your family’s size and lifestyle. A larger family will, of course, need a larger machine and may want to consider a washing machine and dryer combination while a single person or couple may only need a small load machine and decide that air-drying is appropriate for their lifestyle.

Washing machine sizes vary from load sizes of 5 kilograms all the way up to 9.5 kilograms. Both top load washing machines and front load washing machines are available with the option even for a washer / dryer combination unit.

The brands of washing machine units offered include Samsung, Fisher & Paykel and LG units, among other big names.

Bundle packages allow you to maximize whatever your budget is with a washer and dryer combo, a washer and vacuum combo or a washer and fridge combo. Save 10% when you bundle with Direct Appliance Rentals.

In browsing the options of washing machines for rent, you get a detailed description and quick summary of the statistics of every machine.

At a glance, learn about:
– Cost for rental, for 12 month or 24 month terms
– Colour of the machine
– Warranty (most commonly 2 years)
– Energy star rating
– Load size
– Ideal usage (specifically whether it is best for small, mid-sized or large family sizes)
– Water Rating (how efficiently the machine uses water)
– The number of programs that can be run on each cycle (i.e. delicate, cotton, bulky/large load, colours and, for some machines, many more functions)

Each machine also clearly and proudly displays a detailed description beneath the images of it, so you know exactly what you are getting and if it will be the right fit for your family’s needs.

Direct Appliance Rental is the best place to rent a variety of household appliances including washing machines for rent for many budgets and family sizes.

There are many reasons that people opt to rent an appliance rather than buy one.

For some, there is no question; the upfront cost is simply too expensive and their budget does not allow for the purchase of a pricey appliance. The ability to rent a washing machine or other piece of household equipment for a fraction of the cost is simply too appealing to not take advantage of. This affords customers the opportunity to have much more flexibility within their budget than if they had to pay much more money for the entire cost of the machine.

For others, the choice to rent a washing machine or other household appliance is out of necessity. Maybe their old machine breaks because of age. Maybe a flood, from a burst pipe or a natural disaster, damages the machine. Upon investigating the cost of repairs that it would take to get the machine up and running again, many people discover they simply can’t afford to fix the old machine just yet.

Whatever the details, Direct Appliance Rentals provides washing machine rental to help you get through any hurdles that may emerge and still run your home comfortably. At a much lower cost than purchasing a new machine or repairing a damaged one, Direct Appliance Rentals saves you and your family money and eliminates stress and discomfort.

What are you waiting for?

Even if you had never considered the possibility to rent a washing machine or other kitchen or household appliance, now you know! Eliminate strain on your family’s budget, reduce stress during a difficult time and be guaranteed a great working machine with excellent customer service available through Direct Appliance Rentals.

Which washing machine or appliance is right for your family?

Browse online for the many washing machine options and see just how fast, easy and affordable renting with Direct Appliance Rentals can be!

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