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Time for a brand new fridge?

Whether you live alone or have a family, we have fridges available that will suit every budget and every home. And if you fancy a new side-by-side fridge or French door fridge or the popular top mount fridge, check out the options above.

Choose from among Westinghouse, LG, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel, Hisense and many more in either classic white or stainless steel.


“Excellent & prompt service from you & your team, we didn’t expect to receive them so quickly. You will be highly recommended by us to many of our friends & families. Thank you as well for your kindness & caring about our household needs regardless of our situation.”

Christopher Q
Cairns, Queensland

At Direct Appliance Rentals, we know that a fridge is the most essential appliance in the kitchen. With a range of fridge rentals available to rent today, you can choose the fridge that best suits your family’s lifestyle – choosing from well-known brands such as Westinghouse, LG, Samsung, Fisher Paykel, Hisense and many more.

Instead of having to pay a large up-front cost for your fridge, you can easily rent it from us for a small weekly payment with our options which means you may have the opportunity to own** the fridge rental at the end of term. That leaves more cash available for you to invest in yummy food and drinks for get-togethers with your friends.

Click here to rent a fridge with No Deposit, Free Delivery & $1 Buyout!**

Why would you consider renting a fridge from Direct Appliance Rentals?

You need a new fridge: If you’re in need of a new fridge and want to try out a particular appliance, style or brand, Direct Appliance Rentals can help. Think you want a stainless steel fridge but not sure if it will fit in the kitchen? Like the look of stainless steel but unsure how practical it will be with young kids running around? With Direct Appliance Rentals, you have a great deal of flexibility in the appliance you get for your home. Explore your options!

You want a second fridge: Even if you have a kitchen fridge you’re crazy about, you might find that it’s not enough. If you have a large family, you may find you’re continually running out of space. Even if your family is smaller but you host a lot of events or always have houseguests, you might run into the same problem. Many families install a second fridge to stay organized and keep everything fresh. Try renting a fridge through Direct Appliance Rentals to see just how much easier it makes your day-to-day life.

Your budget does not allow a brand new appliance: Across Australia and the world, families run into times when money is tighter. Instead of learning to live without the necessary appliance, rent one from Direct Appliance Rentals as we can help families afford the level of comfort they deserve from their kitchen and their home.

There are several reasons to rent a fridge; whatever yours may be, choose Direct Appliance Rentals.

Once you’ve decided to rent a refrigerator, there are several things to consider:

Brand: Well-known brands such as LG, Samsung, Fisher +Paykel, Westinghouse and more are available for you to rent.

Size: Sizes of refrigerators are extremely varied to account for the many spaces they may accompany. Direct Appliance Rentals has a fridge for any size family, to occupy a large space or a tight one. If your family grows and you determine you need to upgrade to a larger size after your rental period, trade in your rental for a larger model.

Length of Rental: The beauty of appliance rental is flexibility! Direct Appliance Rentals offers a 12 or 24-month rental program. At the end of the rental period, you technically still will not own the appliance but, at the end of your contract, we offer you the opportunity to purchase the goods for a small sum of just $1! If you do not wish to purchase you do not need to and if you want to pay off the goods sooner than 12 or 24 months, there are no penalties for paying out your term early.

Budget: Direct Appliance Rentals understands the frustration of not always having a flexible budget. To account for this, they offer a wide range of rental prices to fit any budget in addition to NO deposit and NO delivery charge for your rental appliance. Prices start at just $10 a week!

With Direct Appliance Rentals, you get several benefits you wouldn’t from other appliance rental companies. You are promised free delivery and no initial deposits to help you stay within your budget. Never wait too long to hear back from the company; submit your application to rent a fridge and get a response within only four hours.

Many of the fridges come with a two or three year warranty so that, regardless of your rental period, you know you are making a smart, secure decision with your fridge on rent.

Also enjoy adjustable shelving in many of the models, to accommodate nearly every food or beverage. Never run out of space or struggle to fit unusually shaped objects in your fridge again.

Lastly, many of the fridges do not require plumbing and most are an energy efficient alternative to an outdated fridge that costs you hundreds a year in energy usage. Save money by renting instead of buying a fridge and also save money on your overall energy costs with Direct Appliance Rentals.

With plenty of appliance options and an easy-to-navigate website that lays out the details of each fridge, you can easily browse all Direct Appliance Rentals refrigerators available for rent right now.

Buying a fridge, or any other kitchen appliance for that matter, is not a small cost. Your best-case scenario is a couple hundred dollars and the reality is that many Australians cannot afford that high, upfront cost at many stages of their lives. Lower your overall costs by reducing energy usage with an updated appliance and keep your food fresh so less goes to waste and your grocery bills are reduced.

The benefits of renting versus purchasing an appliance are extensive. Direct Appliance Rentals offers a broad range of brands and products for your home; choose from many brands, styles and even sizes. Free delivery means less stress for you! We also do not require a deposit or proof of exceptional credit. Low fixed payments and a low-cost buyout makes products particularly enticing.

But for the best idea of the benefits of fridge rental, trust the testimonies from real Direct Appliance Rentals customers:

“As a person with a physical disability getting rental approval can be frustrating and humiliating. I’m pretty sure that I will continue to do business with you as long as your company exists. Pass the platitudes along to all involved.” Sharon M (Queensland)

“I would like to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals without a moment’s hesitation. Karina is a lovely lady who treats you as a person, not just a number. I have recommended Direct Appliance Rentals to a lot of friends and I strongly recommend them to you. The whole process took a couple of days and the products are of supreme quality.” Craig M (Nyora, Victoria)

I was very happy and pleased with your super fast service……. I will definitely be renting through you again and I would definitely recommend you to friends and family.Thanking you kindly” Brad (Maffra, Victoria)

Browse Direct Appliances products for rent online today before you buy!

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