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Are you running out of room in your freezer?

If you run a busy household and buy meat in bulk to save money or usually cook up a storm and freeze extras for quick dinners, then you need a trusty freezer in your house.

We have both chest and upright freezers so save money, save time, save sanity – rent the latest freezers at the best price!

5 Reasons to rent a freezer rather than buy

“Thank you so very much for all your help in my recent rental. It was so easy and you made the whole process effortless. I will certainly be dealing with you again and will recommend you to everyone. This is certainly the way to go.”

Josie K
Torquay, Vic

If you suddenly find yourself in need of a new freezer appliance, the best option for any budget is to rent a freezer. Renting appliances is the modern way of keeping your home updated and comfortable for your family.

We listed our top five reasons for choosing to rent your next freezer instead of purchasing it.

Can you guess what made our list?

Call us today for a quote on a specific rental package or submit an application and be on your way to your new freezer or other household appliance!

For the sake of this list, we will assume that the appliance you are looking to rent is a freezer, but it is worth mentioning that there are tons of appliances you can rent with Direct Appliance Rentals!

One of the biggest and most popular reasons that people choose to rent freezer appliances rather than buy them is to save money.

Let’s face it, buying any household appliance is a huge cost to spend at once. Often, the need for a new household appliance comes unexpectedly. Appliances break, wear out or must be supplemented by another appliance because your needs change at any time!

Whatever the reason, you may find yourself needing to pay a sum of money that you did not budget for. We know that any size family needs to budget in order to function smoothly. There are expenses for everything from food to daily bills and payments that need to be carefully considered in every family. If an unexpected cost arises, it can be difficult to come up with the money within a tight budget to cover the costs.

Instead of paying that large sum of money all at once, choose to rent your household appliances and pay small, affordable monthly payments for appliance rentals that can more easily be factored into your budget.

You can even save money in the long-run, by negotiating a small buyout cost to own the appliance you have been renting at the end of your rental period; often as little as one dollar, these buyouts are drastically less expensive than purchasing the appliance you need outright.

Another reason to rent a household appliance rather than purchase it is the certain bonus amenities you get at no extra cost to you. Trust that you are getting the best price every time on your freezer for rent or any other household appliance your family may need.

Other Australian appliance rental services require a large deposit on your rented item. This gives companies that rent to you security in renting their appliance. When you rent from Direct Appliance Rentals, you are guaranteed NO pricey deposits. We trust you.

You are also guaranteed FREE delivery of the appliance straight to you!

Finally, Direct Appliance Rentals does not penalize you for less-then-perfect credit. While, with other appliance rental companies, credit oftentimes affects the rental payment amount, we will not punish you for bad credit, and you will receive a fair rental payment for your freezer or other appliance.

How is it possible to have the opportunity for same-day fridge freezer rental approval?

At Direct Appliance Rentals, we review your rental application within just four hours, delivering to you a decision on your rental application as quickly as possible. This is just one of the ways that we deliver great customer service to all of Australia.

What other appliance rental company boasts same-day application approval?

The best way to rent fridge freezer appliances, or any household appliance for your family, is with a flexible rental contract.

Direct Appliance Rental has the most flexible rental contract out there, with the opportunity to end your rental contract at any time for a reasonable, negotiated payout amount. The contract can also be adjusted if you move or if the product breaks during your rental period.

Flexible rental contracts also afford you multiple options once your rental period is complete. You will be given 90 days to determine if you want to:

  • Continue to rent the appliance on a monthly basis
  • Return the item, at no additional cost to you
  • Negotiate a lower cost sale of the goods — for as little as one dollar — and get the exact appliance you have been taken care of for that low cost

At Direct Appliance Rentals, you will find all of the appliances you could possibly need available for rent. Get chest freezer rental and more with the best selection of appliances for rent anywhere; and they’re affordable!

Choose from brands like LG, Toshiba, NEC, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Simpson, Mitsubishi & Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Fisher & Paykel, Whirlpool, Technika & Haier and more.

What is your favourite brand?

Having an extensive selection of appliances and brands to choose from is one of the best parts of choosing to rent your freezer or other household appliance. Instead of settling on an appliance to purchase, rent from one of several brands of high-quality appliances for the home. If you don’t love it, there is no money wasted on buying the item, and you are only bound to a rental agreement for one to two years.

The best way to fill your home

These are just five of the many reasons that you may want to choose to rent your household appliance rather than purchase them.

Choosing to rent an appliance is affordable and gives you the flexibility that any household desires. Rent a freezer, other kitchen appliances or anything you may need in your home from Direct Appliance Rentals today.

Contact us for prices, browse our products or submit your application for rental now!

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