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Mobile Phone Rentals

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Fast Approval

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$1 Buyout*

Happy Direct Appliance Rentals Customers

“we could not have bought it without your help”

Just a quick thank you for providing us pensioners with a 42″ Hisense lcd tv, we could not have bought it without your help, credit is not generally available to pensioners, as we have found, you have been helpful & courteous with your dealings with us, thank you again, Kind regards,

Adrian & Editha F
Dandenong, Victoria

“saying thank you doesn’t seem enough”

I would never hesitate to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals to anyone, which I have already done so. The service I received was very pleasing and I will certainly be using Direct Appliance Rentals again in the future.

You have made me a very happy person and saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for what you have done for me.

Joanne O Corio, Victoria

“treated me personally not just as another client”

I have already recommended you to several of my friends as I found dealing with you absolutely fantastic. I am so in love with my new fridge. You treated me personally not just as another client which I found fantastic.

Even after 50 million phone calls from me you still didn’t get short or sharp or rude with me which I have found other companies do. I will definitely be using your service again.

Faith J Torquay, Victoria

“extremely helpful, friendly, supportive and trustworthy”

... From the first contact to last, I found Karina to be extremely helpful, friendly, supportive and trustworthy.

I received my goods in a timely manner and I am extremely happy with the service and product. I would not hesitate in using Direct Appliance Rentals again or in recommending them to others. I can not fault Direct Appliance Rentals in any way.

David N Berwick, Vic

What are the benefits of renting a phone?

Renting a Phone is Easy and Beneficial!

Renting a phone has never been easier! Technology doesn’t always come cheap. Thankfully, here at Direct Appliance Rentals, we understand that life can get tricky. We treat all our customers with respect and help you find something within your budget.

So if you’ve been , have a bad credit history, or are on benefits, you’ll find the right fit for you.  We guarantee you’ll be able to rent a phone with us, as long as you have proof of income.

Go on, rent a phone with Direct Appliance Rentals and connect with the ones you love. In no time you’ll be sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your mobile phone rental! You can choose from a variety of phones such as the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone. Our phone rental service is designed to help you when you need it!

How long can I rent the phone for?

Rent for 12 or 24 Months

Rent the mobile phone of your choice for either 12 months or 24 months.

Most of our phones come , ready for you to use and experience all of the latest features. You can even choose the provider that you want for your rental products! Rent a mobile smartphone with us today and stay updated. There are options starting from as little as ! This is a great deal if you need multiple smartphones for your family.

What happens if I lose the phone?

Can’t find your phone?

Right now we don’t offer insurance for product damage- accidental or not. However, it is possible that your home insurance provider can help you out. If you happen to lose your phone, let us know immediately! If you think your rental phone may have been stolen, contact the police right away and file a report.

We may need to see your report for our records. We care about and value our customers. We guarantee you will be provided with the best assistance, even when things go south! Reach out to us with any issues about your phone rental. Your experience matters to us, and we will always have you covered!

Can I upgrade the phone later?

Rental Phone Upgrades

Choose a shorter time period of 12 months and upgrade to a new phone in as little as one year! New styles of phones come out yearly, so when you rent with us, you can be sure the technology you’re using is . Rent a smartphone today and see how easy it is to get new technology at affordable and competitive prices!

You can get lots of flexibility with our phone rentals. Just choose the shortest time period available. Camera quality and speeds are constantly changing. Don’t be stuck with a slow phone and a blurry camera! Rent for 12 months today and make sure your while taking family photos! Upgrading is easy and beneficial, just like our renting process.

Can you rent a smartphone?

Smartphone Rentals

Rent today and be approved in under four hours! We have fast and efficient approval rates and free delivery! Choose from Samsung, iPhone, Oppo, Nokia, Realme, and Vivo smartphones. Whether you’re looking for a

Do you take a lot of family photos? Does camera quality matter to you? Take a look at the number of GBs and MPs available. If you find a phone you love and wish to rent to own*, you may be able to keep it at the end of the term, pay your term early, or make us an offer for as little as $1**! Renting a smartphone with us is easy, efficient, and worthwhile for our customers.

Can I rent a phone for a week?

Rental Lengths

Rent phones for either 12 or 24 months. Renting phones for a week or month is not available. Renting for 12 months is the right amount to keep you updated with today’s technology. With our and high-quality phones, your satisfaction is a guarantee! We’re all hooked on our phones: they are an essential part of our daily lives.

With our rental phones, you can get daily activities done faster; like setting alarms. You can even read the news and message your friends!  Make the choice today to rent a smartphone for 12 or 24 months, and stay in the know. Your friends and family will thank you!

Can you rent an iPhone for a month?

iPhone Rentals

Like our other phones, iPhone rentals are available for 12 or 24 months. However, once you rent an iPhone for twelve months, you’ll be glad you did! With cutting-edge photography and high-speed videos, there isn’t much to dislike about the iPhone. With Direct Appliance Rentals, you have many iPhone rentals to choose from depending on what you are looking for in a phone.

The most recent iPhones have a variety of features such as dual-camera systems, 4GB RAM, Touch ID, water resistance, 5G network, and even a battery life of 19 hours! You can have an internet connection from . On top of that, your phone will last all day without needing a charge!

Not only are iPhones trendy, but they are proven to be quality, reliable phones. If your friends and family have iPhones, it’s easy to video call and chat with other iPhone users. Stay in touch with those in your inner circle and rent an iPhone today!

Can you rent a Samsung phone?

Samsung Rentals

You can choose from the most recent Samsung Galaxy phones with Direct Appliance Rentals. Samsung competes with Apple and proves to be ahead of the technology game. Samsung has some impressive features in their phones such as

With 8GB RAM, your phone will work faster because it has more storage for memory. This allows you to fill your phone up with more photos and videos without slowing down the phone speed! With a strong 5000mAH battery, you can stream all day without having to charge your phone.

If you are looking to use your phone as TV entertainment for you or your children, a Samsung phone is the right choice for you! Rent a Samsung Galaxy smartphone today and be immersed in the world of great memory and high speeds.

“I also wanted to let you know how easy and pleasing doing business with DAR is. As a person with a physical disability getting rental approval can be frustrating and humiliating. I’m pretty sure that I will continue to do business with you as long as your company exists. Pass the platitudes along to all involved.”

Sharon M

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