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Want the ultimate in portable computers?

Portable and practical, tablets are a fantastic way to browse the internet without lugging a heavy laptop around.

And kids love them too! They’re perfect for keeping them entertained at home or in the car on long trips.

Tablet rental made easy with Direct Appliance Rentals

“I received my new iPad this afternoon and would like to say a very big thank you to you all without your kindness I would really be stuck in a bind. I am completely stoked with the quality of service and compassion you all shared. All the best”

Tanya M
Campbelltown, SAc

The world is becoming increasingly dependant on mobile Internet usage; we have Internet on our phones, wifi hotspots almost everywhere and many careers are even making the switch to going remote, operating anywhere with Internet from a laptop or tablet device.

Tablets are an ideal solution for flexibility, offering a larger screen and more capabilities than a phone but being smaller and easier to travel with than a laptop computer. Yet with so much flexibility, there is still a high cost to owning a tablet device. Tablet rental with Direct Appliance Rentals is your new go-to solution to that problem, offering tablets for rent at an affordable price.

Check out the Direct Appliance Rentals website for all of the tablet and other household rentals that can be yours!

Many people find tablets just as useful, if not more useful, than a laptop computer. They are lighter, easier to transport and often have faster loading times with an even higher resolution screen than a laptop computer. The option to rent a tablet device gives you the flexibility to work, study or entertain yourself and your family on the go, all without breaking the bank.

You may choose to rent a tablet for one of several reasons.

One common reason is that your current tablet device needs to be repaired but you don’t have the money to repair it. For many, going without a tablet device until you can get yours fixed is simply not an option. Instead, rent one from Direct Appliance Rentals for just a fraction of the cost of repairing it until your device is up and running again.

Another reason that people choose to rent tablets from Direct Appliance Rentals is that they need a tablet for school or work but can’t afford to buy a brand new one. Renting an appliance helps you stay on track with work or school without spending hundreds on a brand new device.

Finally, you may choose to rent a tablet device to see if it suits you. Purchasing a brand new tablet is not cheap; instead of buying one outright, consider a year or two year long rental of the product and make an informed decision once your rental term is up if you want to purchase a tablet for yourself.

Direct Appliance Rentals gives you the ability to work efficiently and effectively without putting a strain on you or your family’s budget or sacrificing any of the comforts you’re familiar with.

In order to rent tablets or any other household appliance, other companies may take you through a complicated process including submitting referrals and waiting days or even weeks to be approved, in some cases.

At Direct Appliance Rentals Rental, the process is easy and, best of all, fast. Get approved in under four hours when you enquire about renting with Direct Appliance Rentals. Talk about a quick response time.

The process is simple; give Direct Appliance Rentals some of your basic information such as your phone number, email address, full name, postcode and a description of the appliance you want to rent. Sit back and wait for your request to be acknowledged by a staff that works around the clock to ensure your enquiry is answered as soon as possible.

There is no need to submit complicated documents or wait forever to get approved – Direct Appliance Rentals takes all of the worst parts about submitting a rental application out of the process for you.

The opportunities for tablet hire are extensive when you choose Direct Appliance Rental’s tablet hire.

The tablet you choose depends on what you plan to do with that device.

For example, if you are planning on using your tablet to entertain kids or take photos but don’t necessarily need it for professional use, the Lenovo Yoga Tab3 10 inch device may be exactly what you need. The Lenovo Tab3 has 16GB of storage for photo and video with a large 10-inch display but is lightweight, portable, making it a good size for young kids’ hands. 18 hours of battery life mean no matter how long you want to keep kids entertained, the Lenovo Tab3 will stand up the task. A built in stand also lets you prop the tablet on a table or between seats so that sticky children’s fingers will stay away from the device.

Looking for something more geared for professional use? The Samsung Galaxy Tablet devices are great for portable use and packed with features that make taking your work on the road easier. Samsung’s name tends to be attached to the idea of delivering high quality services and features but it often comes with a high price tag to match. With Direct Appliance Rentals, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a Samsung Galaxy device without actually paying the large upfront cost.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is by far the most luxurious tablet available for rent through Direct Appliance Rentals. With a 12.3”, high contrast and low glare display, its screen is ideal for viewing hours of entertainment or for completing in depth work assignments, even outdoors. 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of Ram mean this tablet is capable of replacing your laptop. Over nine hours of battery life mean you can work or be entertained uninterrupted. It even has the processing power for professional software programs like Photoshop and Office Suite. With a full Windows operating system, the Microsoft Surface Pro will be a student or professional’s new favourite gadget.

Direct Appliance Rentals offers Levono, Samsung and Microsoft tablet and home entertainment products.

Tablets are inevitably the future of technology in their own way. Just as mobile devices and laptop computers have exploded in popularity, so have tablets as a means to work and study when a computer is too bulky or heavy and a mobile device just won’t cut it. Everyone should be able to use a tablet for work, play or studies but the reality is that tablet devices are expensive and it sometimes isn’t in your budget. For situations like these tablets for rent is the ideal alternative, allowing customers to get all of the benefits of a tablet without the high upfront cost.

Direct Appliance Rentals rental offers a variety of tablets available for those with a tight budget, a broken tablet that they can’t afford to fix at the moment and even a child that you don’t trust with a device of their own! Tablets have been purchased to help get young kids through long days of travel, for a student to use for a semester or year of school, for professional use during big projects and many more reasons.

Tablet Rental from Direct Appliance Rentals is the most affordable, flexible solution to not wanting to pay for a tablet outright. With NO deposit, FREE delivery and the fastest approval of any appliance rental company (FOUR HOURS!) what do you have to lose?

Oh and the best part? After your rental period is up, you can choose to end your rental period, continue renting OR make Direct Appliance Rentals an offer to purchase the very product you have been leasing for as little as one dollar. Talk about a good deal!

Log onto the Direct Appliance Rentals site and start seeing what tablet options there are for you and your family!

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