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Rent a Vacuum Cleaner

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Keep your home clean and healthy!

No matter what flooring you have in your home, here at Direct Appliance Rentals we have floor care rentals to suit every need.

With free delivery of some of the world’s most renowned brands in vacuums and steam mops, you’ll be confident your home will be kept clean and healthy all year round.

We can even provide the funky Roomba and other robotic vacuums to do the job for you!

Rent a Vacuum | Direct Appliance Rentals – Chores Made Easy

No one likes to do household chores. Whether it is cleaning up after your kids or scrubbing the kitchen, chores have to get done. When it comes to keeping your house looking — and feeling — great, having a powerful, working vacuum is essential. Rent vacuum cleaner from Direct Appliance Rentals the next time your vacuum breaks down, wears out or simply doesn’t get the job done anymore.

Save time, money and physical effort cleaning up after your family when you rent from the best appliance, cleaning supply and technology rental company in Australia. We make it our point to provide exceptional service to families all across Australia; make yours one of them today!

Call us or log onto the Direct Appliance Rentals site now to start browsing for your vacuum cleaner options!

If you’re like most families in Australia, you use your vacuum often! A great vacuum keeps your home clean after the wild outback tracks its way back inside, also keeping your entire home healthy and safe. But with repeated use, vacuums tend to be one of the items in the house most prone to breaking or wearing out. Have you considered vacuum rental?

Instead of purchasing a new vacuum outright, Direct Appliance Rentals offers a better, smarter alternative. By choosing to rent a vacuum instead of buying one, you — ultimately — save money and get the same — if not better — vacuum models to choose from.

Here’s how it works

When your old vacuum breaks or wears out with old age, simply log onto the Direct Appliance Rentals site and start searching for the vacuum models you may want to rent.

With popular brands like Dyson, Philips, Miele, Bissell and more, you will almost certainly find what you’re looking for.

Once you have selected a vacuum that you want to rent, submit a rental application to the site that has the following information included in it:

  • A photo ID
  • The make and model of the item you wish to rent
  • The period you wish to rent for (more on that later)
  • Your address
  • A previous bank statement/statement of income
  • 2 recent bills (electric, gas, phone, etc.)

When we receive this information, we will approve your application, on average, within four hours.

Finally, your appliance will be delivered to you FREE OF CHARGE, and you will get to keep your vacuum for 12 to 24 months’ time for a low fixed monthly payment.

Easy, right?!

The best part about finding a vacuum for rent through Direct Appliance Rentals is the flexibility you have with your rental contract.

With other Australian appliance rentals, you will find that the contract is difficult to navigate, should you choose to end your furniture rental contract early. Or, some also find that once the rental contract is complete, there are hidden fees and costs associated with ending the contract.

Not with Direct Appliance Rentals.

We understand that life happens, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to rent appliances and navigate our rental contract.

If you move, simply contact us with your new address so that we know exactly where the appliance you are renting is.

If you decide to end your contract early, you can do so. You will be quoted for a reasonable payout amount that is less than the full term amount owed on your contract.

If your product breaks down, you are covered under a manufacturers’ warranty, and we will negotiate a way to either fix or replace your item. There are no hidden costs for broken appliances!

We want families in Australia to see us as one of you; we aren’t trying to scam extra money out of your rental agreement. We are here for YOU!

The main reason that families choose to rent vacuum or other appliances is to save money. While vacuums are always available to purchase, it can be impossible to prepare for the unexpected times that you may need a new one and, as a result, plan for that upfront cost.

Renting from Direct Appliance Rentals means a small monthly or weekly payment that you can certainly factor into your budget. Starting as low as six dollars a week, you can rent a fully functioning, updated vacuum for your home’s needs.

Because you can opt out of your rental agreement should you choose you need a different model, you are not bound to a strict contract for renting purposes.

Finally, since contracts are from 12 to 24 months long, your rental period is only temporary. If, at the end of your contract, you decide the product did not meet expectations, at least you didn’t purchase the item for its full price upfront. Flexibility is what a smooth household is all about.

We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with maintaining a clean, healthy household. When the unexpected hits and you find you need to rent a vacuum cleaner to keep your household running efficiently, Direct Appliance Rentals will help you easily do so, at a cost you can afford.

That’s not all we rent, either. Use our complete source of appliances and furniture to find:

Vacuum rental is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to affordable, fully functioning and modern appliances for your home. For all your cleaning and household needs, rent vacuum cleaner from Direct Appliance Rental! Save money, live cleaner and stress free! Start now!

Call us directly or check out our full range of products online today!

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