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Top Mount Fridges

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Save Big and have more food storage by Renting a spacious and stylish Top Mount Fridge for your family.

Don’t risk buying used or pre-loved fridges that may break down in a week. Direct Appliance Rentals offers excellent quality top mount refrigerator rentals with the security of a 2 year warranty. Rent one today for as little as $10 per week!

What do our satisfied clients say about our top mount fridges?

Clients recommend our top mount fridges!

Clients say that our top mount fridges are a perfect fit for their homes!

With top mount fridges ranging from 221It to 460It, we guarantee we have the fridge that best suits your needs. Choose from top brands like Westinghouse and Hisense. Apply to rent a top mount fridge today and get approved in under four hours! For as little as $10 a week, a fridge could be yours today! 

We understand that fridges are a necessity and you need a reliable fridge that will keep your food cold and fresh. We know that this is so important for busy mums! 

At Direct Rental Appliances, we want to provide fantastic deals to suit your budget and the right fridge to meet your family’s needs. 

Here at Direct Rental Appliances, your needs are important to us. Apply online now and get your brand new fridge delivered for free! 

What does top mount fridge mean?

A top mount fridge means that the freezer sits on top of the fridge. 

You can organize your fridge the way you want to! Our fridges have multiple shelves for easy storage of ingredients. Separate fruit and vegetables, and allow easy access to all your favourite foods. 

All of our top mount fridges come with adjustable shelves so you can create the space you want. Don’t let your produce get cluttered, check out our top mount fridge sale today! 

All of our top mount fridges come with a right door hinge for easy opening. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick snack or leftovers, you’ll access what you need with ease. With our wide range of technology and features, we have a top mount fridge for everyone!

What’s the difference between a top and bottom mount fridge?

Freezer Location. 

A top mount fridge has the ‘easy to reach’ freezer on top and fresh food on the bottom. A bottom mount fridge is the opposite. You’ll have to bend down to reach the freezer items, whereas fresh food will be right in front of you. 

If you don’t have back problems, top mount fridges are the way to go. They are widely popular because of the storage space they allow. Top mount fridges tend to be wider than bottom mount fridges. So you can store more food and drinks by Apply online

Not only are top mount fridges wider, but they also cost less to run. So why not save energy and money today by renting a top mount fridge

Are top mount fridges more efficient than bottom mount ones?

Yes, top mount fridges are more efficient. 

Top mount fridges don’t take up a lot of energy. This is because the freezer is on the top. Bottom mount fridges have their freezers on the bottom which makes heat more difficult to keep out. The bottom mount fridge has to work overtime in order to keep the freezer cool. 

However, most of our top mount fridges have a 4 or 5-star energy rating. With built-in door alarm systems that alert you when you’ve left the fridge open, you can be sure you’re saving energy. 

Choose one of our top mount fridges, and don’t worry about a high energy bill! The planet will also thank you!

How to clean a top mount fridge?

Easily remove bins!

Adjustable shelves and bins make cleaning your top mount fridge a breeze! 

To save on energy, unplug your fridge. Then, simply empty your fridge and take out any shelves or bins. With soap and water, simply scrub them clean. 

For the inside, it’s safer to use vinegar or baking soda because you don’t want any soap residue left on the shelves where you are going to store food. After you’re done, re-stock your fridge and plug it back in. It’s as easy as that! 

Our top mount fridges even come with protective features such as spill-proof glass shelves. This allows for easy cleaning and prevents build-up on the surface which can easily happen when you have a big household and lots of mouths to feed!

If for some reason your fridge is having problems, no need to worry! Each and every one of our fridges come with a 2-year warranty. We care about our customers at Direct Rental Appliances and we don’t want you to have to stress without a fridge.

Apply to rent today and never go without the appliances you need! 

Which is more affordable, a bottom or top mount fridge?

You can rent a top mount fridge for as low as $10 a week. For a bottom mount fridge, you can rent for as little as $22 a week. However, there are pros and cons to both a top mount fridge and a bottom mount fridge. You might find that a bottom mount fridge suits your needs better. Or vice versa. 

Top mount fridges are more affordable to buy, rent, and run. This is partly due to how common the style of fridge is. We have a variety of styles to choose from, with the option of white, silver, or stainless steel. Find a fridge that matches the style in your kitchen today! 

When you rent a top mount fridge with us, we’ll even cover the costs of delivery! Better yet, there is no deposit. You only need to pay a small payment each week. We may even let you buy it out at the end of your lease for as little as $1**. 

And if you want to upgrade your fridge, no worries! You can always rent a newer model from us once your current contract expires. Renting with us is easy and affordable!

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