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Apple Computer Rentals

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Are you thinking of upgrading to Apple?

We all know some people prefer to use Apple technology over other brands, that’s why we have them available for you to rent! We have both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro available for those wanting an exceptional computing experience.

Rent Apple Mac

Laptops are super convenient when you’re on the go – you can take them absolutely everywhere!

An alternative to Windows, Apple computers provide an exceptional operating system capable of handling any private or business requirements. Commonly used by graphic designers, an Apple computer is the ideal machine for those wanting a superior experience. Direct Appliance Rentals have two Apple computers available for rent – the Mac Book and the Mac Book Pro. Available through our RentPlus® program, renting an Apple Computer allows you to reduce your upfront costs while enjoying the best technology available.

If you need a hand deciding which model is best for you, then why not get in touch with a member of the Direct Appliance Rentals team – we’re here to help you out!

And the best part – you may be able to make us an offer at the end of the rental term to own or buy the product from as little as $1.

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