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Apple iPod Touch Rentals

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Want to listen to your music on the go?

iPods are a great way of listening to music and enjoying the tunes on the go, great gifts for the kids or simply take with you as you exercise – very versatile

Rent iPod

The compact size of the iPods make it easy to take anywhere you want.

Giving you the flexibility to listen to your music anywhere at any time, Direct Appliance Rentals have brand new iPod’s available for rent now.

Available as an iPod Nano or iPod Touch, these devices provide you with music on the go to keep you dancing along at an affordable price.

Rent today to download your favourite music onto the iPods and simply plug your headphones in and away you go without draining your phone battery!

And the best part – you may be able to make us an offer at the end of the rental term to own or buy the product from as little as $1.

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