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Customer Survey Results August 2021

“treats you as a person, not just a number”

I would like to recommend Direct Appliance Rentals without a moment’s hesitation. Karina is a lovely lady who treats you as a person, not just a number. I don’t have a great record on the finance side of things but that was never an issue with the funds going straight out of my pension.

I have recommended Direct Appliance Rentals to a lot of friends and I strongly recommend them to you. The whole process took a couple of days and the products are of supreme quality.

Craig, Victoria

“love the personal service that you don’t get from other companies”

I have used Direct Appliance Rentals a few times now and have found the service fantastic. Karina has been fast in responding to any questions or support I have needed.

I love the personal service that you don’t get from other companies and I would recommend them to all my family and friends. I will definitely be using Direct Appliance Rentals again.

Alison, Victoria

“the plans and pricing are much more reasonable”

Direct Appliance Rentals seemed committed to getting me the right washing machine at the right price. There was no fussing about, and a day later I was taking delivery of a beautiful new front loader washing machine, the process could not have been easier!

I believe Direct Appliance Rentals are one of a kind, the plans and pricing are much more reasonable than other rental companies, I pride myself in doing extensive research before committing to a rent-to-buy agreement, and these guys were definitely the best for me. I have already recommended them to some other friends of mine.

Michael S, Victoria

“affordable and easy payments”

I don’t think there would be anything that I would change in dealing with Direct Appliance Rentals. Of course, l have already told all my friends about the great television we got and how affordable and easy the payments are. And we would most definitely use your services again.

Dennis & Leeanne, Victoria

Tired of washing the dishes?

A BRAND NEW dishwasher is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With a variety of brands you are sure to find one that will suit your needs and budget so check out the above range!

Rent Dishwasher Appliances The Easy Way!

The best way to rent dishwasher appliances may be easier than you think! With Direct Appliance Rentals, get easy long-term dishwasher appliance rental for less than our competitors. Direct Appliance Rentals is the best way to fulfill your dishwasher and other kitchen appliance needs.

Here are the best candidates for dishwasher rental and how to find your appliance!

Call Direct Appliance Rental for quotes on the most affordable dishwasher and kitchen appliance now!

Kitchen appliance rental, including dishwasher rental, are both essential household items and pricey expenses for any home. When you need a new dishwasher, you can either opt to buy one outright or rent one for a far more affordable cost.

Choosing to rent instead of purchase a dishwasher will save you money and eliminate any financial insecurity that you would have after such a big purchase.

The reality is that, while still living comfortably, many Australian families struggle to provide additional luxuries, especially at unexpected times. Long-term appliance rental is Australia’s solution to state-of-the-art appliances for any home, regardless of budget.

We provide household appliance or other furniture rental to all of Australia!

So, who should rent a dishwasher or other household appliance today?

The best candidates for household appliance rental are:

  • Large Families: Larger families, unsurprisingly, have large expenses because there are more family members to provide for. Whatever “large” means to you, chances are that your budget is tight and /or inconsistent. Large families are also great candidates for renting appliances because dishwasher rental will make endless household chores easier to get done!
  • Single Parent Families: With only one income, spending money on expensive appliances is not always in the cards. Luckily, a dishwasher can lessen that burden of a high-cost item and still affords reliable appliances.
  • Nomadic Families: If you or your family relocate often, either for work or pleasure, having the option to rent appliances rather than purchase them outright can help you feel at home, wherever you are. Do you find yourself moving every few years? Do you relocate your family home too frequently to spend money on a dishwasher or other appliance? Rent an appliance anywhere throughout Australia for rental periods of as short as one year.
  • A Household With Inconsistent Income: We’ve all been there, living paycheck-to-paycheck without having the security of money in case of an emergency. The best thing to do is try to cut unnecessary costs from your expenses to eliminate periods of financial stress. Renting a dishwasher or other household appliances instead of purchasing them is one way to do that.
  • New Homeowners: New homeowners have the unique problem of adjusting to the appliances at their new home. While at first it may have seemed okay to not have a dishwasher as part of your kitchen, you may soon realize that it may be needed. Instead of paying additional money to complete the appliances that you will ultimately need in your kitchen, rent appliances at a fraction of the cost and create the perfect kitchen!

Though these are some of the best candidates for appliance rental, they certainly don’t complete the list. There are hundreds of reasons for Australians to rent kitchen and household appliances from Direct Appliance Rentals. What is yours?

So, how does Direct Appliance Rentals work? Here is the fastest way to find your dishwasher for rent.

Renting from Direct Appliance is simple. Submit your application for whichever appliance you need. For dishwasher rental, choose from brands such as LG and Samsung, and submit a quick and easy-to-complete application with information such as the appliance you wish to rent and the period you want to rent for.

While we do require certain information, such as a photo ID, your property details (including Real Estate Agent and /or landlord details) and income and bank statements, your application will be reviewed quickly and the process from that point on is simple.

You can choose to rent your appliance for either 12 or 24 months. As a rental service, we reserve the right to offer you the goods you’ve been taking care of at the end of your term, provided they are in good condition and the terms of the rental agreement have been met. If you decide that you want to buy out your rental term early, there are no additional fees for doing so.

Approval for rental applications generally takes 4 hours or less. We take customer satisfaction and comfort very seriously.

Choosing the best dishwasher to rent is simple when you do it through Direct Appliance Rentals! With no fixed long-term rental agreements, FREE delivery and a range of products to choose from, there is no better solution to affordable appliance access. Whether you need a dishwasher or freezer rentals, we have the brands you want for your home!

What if your product breaks down during your rental period? No problem. One of several benefits of renting with Direct Appliance Rentals is that a broken product is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty on the item. Talk about a risk-free scenario!

We understand that paying out of pocket and upfront for kitchen and household appliances can be both costly and risky. Get instant security that your home is taken care of with low cost, flexible long-term appliance rentals today.

Choose the company with the most brands and the best benefits (4-hour approval and no deposit costs!) when you choose Direct Appliance. You even get the option of a low cost buyout at the end of your rental agreement; for as little as one dollar, you can own the exact item that you have been renting.

With so many upsides, it is hard to imagine another way to rent dishwasher appliances in Australia.

Contact us or submit your rental application to get approved for an affordable price today!

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